mid May

Busy, busy. Everything is growing fast. Leafy weeds and surplus spinach are mixed with vegetable waste from the kitchen, chopped with a sharp spade then scattered between growing plants. Very little soil is visible.

We are harvesting broad beans, mange tout pease, cabbage,  calabrese, spinach and salad greens - some from autumn sowings.

 Sunday dinner

 I'm sowing small patches or rows as space allows with rocket, cress, tatsoi, radish, mustard, spinach - even a few sugar snap peas. These will use nearly all available light - with speedy returns.

First May sowings

Courgettes, French beans and sweetcorn sown in their final location will germinate quickly. Water the ground with warm water before sowing.

Beetroot, spinach and small salad crops will germinate and grow very fast.

It's time to plant tomatoes and cucumbers - warm water before planting. Sweet Million, Bejbino, Bottondoro, Sweet Olive and Miele are good cherry types; Vanessa is our favourite slicing tomato.

 Salad on May 2nd from February sowings

 Sow your favourite cherry tomato now for a delicious and prolific harvest in September and October. The cherry types are good frozen for cooking in the winter.

May 2nd sweet peas sown in October.

Also picked first strawberries

Late April sowings

Beans are on my mind!

The seeds can stand on a wet cloth or tissue for the night before sowing.

I'll sow a double row about 2" deep of dwarf French bean seeds. For runner beans I'll use Firestorm as it's self pollinating; seeds 6" apart in a double row.
After making the drill, I'll water well with hand hot water and put the seeds on warm damp earth, covering with drier soil.

A row of sugar snap peas sown in the same way will give me peas in June.

June and July are the best 'season' to put up a new polythene tunnel - for winter crops!

Mid-April sowings

Tomato plants  will be ready in May.They won't cast much shade for weeks.
I'll fill the whole area now, sowing  (not thinly) rows 5" apart of spinach, rocket, mustard, radish,  beetroot, mixed lettuce, mizuna, cress and oriental leaves. We,ll pull some seedlings every week or so from early May to  mid-June and use as salad.

I sowed chard, spinach, lettuce, rocket and peas in  november. First flowers on the peas; cabbages are hearting up.